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Auditions for My Fair Lady

The show is now fully cast, as follows:

Character Played By
Eliza Doolittle Helena Booer 
Henry Higgins David Maun 
Alfred P. Doolittle Vernon Leese 
Colonel Pickering Paul Booer 
Freddy Eynsford-Hill Alex Dehn 
Mrs Pearce Viv Davis 
Mrs Higgins Marion Terry 
Prof Zoltan Karpathy Stuart Pinel 
Mrs Eynsford-Hill Madelaine Finch 
Jamie Alan Davis 
Harry David Fisher 
Cockney Bystander Chris Perks, Malcolm Corti 
Cockney Quartet Alan Davis, Malcolm Corti, David Fisher, Chris Perks 
Higgins' Maids Lesley Corti, Bethan Seers, Isabelle Payne, Maddie Lake, Gillian Edwards 
Higgins' Butler Richard Spencer 
Higgins' Footman Peter Lake 
Lord and Lady Boxington Vivien Molinari 
Queen of Transylvania Susannah Alexander 
Suffragette Mary Grindley 
Policeman Christopher Perks